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other art.

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Artificial hunger series- plastic- bone-2009 and other works… IWEBIX Webdesign

visual dynamics series……

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A large body of work mainly wood mixed medium, themes on new approach to sculpture and the visual dynamics.. awaiting installation. 2011-12


This website is a platform showcasing some of the work in there original bodies or collectives,  at present preparing to start a documentary which will be filmed at the studio and will see the project from start to completion entitled- Elemental shrines,    measuring 2 metres in height, and in brick clay .  The shrines represent natural elemental clarity  The North South East West, or Air Water Fire  Earth  apparatus  that naturally bind us , remind us......  2 individual books have been published  one in 2012 and present one 2015,the content of the books are referenced  by established artists and critics which enables the works to be seen in a broader context to delve further than the page the image.   Other books that are being worked upon will slowly catalogue the bodies of works both past and present giving a visual chronological structure of the works,   Also looking for venues to exhibit the works, just to mention that I am having to relocate and am looking for studio space , so if you have a space- dry with access roughly measuring 100x42 feet. this could be a cluster of buildings... within the Devon area if you are interested in anything to do with the works please feel free to  contact me.. ..thank you...


logo and title


The film is now complete and is up for viewing  on Vimio,

The funding from the arts council was successful and can now produce ATAVIST....

A large body of B/W paintings in pigments and mixed medium...thank you for allowing the project to manifest,

allowing artist to have access to creative  expression...

Thank You

Paul Devon Young

April 2016

showcase some alternative works- arts